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Lamar is hurt, Jimmy G is hurt. Now what? Joe Burrow looks like the MVP. We discuss his chances with that and others. We also go through the playoff picture and play a little game of "Something or Nothing" Could Tom go back to NE? Could Aaron Rodgers end up in Las Vegas? All those answers and so much more. Enjoy.

Thanksgiving is in the books and Russell Wilson still stinks. We dive into just how bad he stinks during tonight's pod. We begin though by talking about Green Bay/Philly. Is it time for Jordan Love? Is this the end of Aaron Rodgers? We then break down the Ravens and the fact that they blew yet another double digit 4th quarter lead. This begs the question: Do you pay Lamar this offseason? We answer that with a game of Lamar Jackson Gauntlet. Enjoy

Zach and I needed a few extra minutes to chat up some some college football experiences. Zach went up to Fargo for an NDSU game. We then talked College Football Playoff and PJ Fleck's struggles at Minnesota. We wrap the session with a look with the annual look at the baseball hall of fame ballot.

November 22, 2022

Peak Cinema: Bridesmaids

Maybe the last great original comedy has turned 11 years old this year. We jump to 2011 for Kristen Wiig's break out role and Melissa McCarthy's gross out role that type cast her for half a decade. We break this down from every hilarious angle. Enjoy

Ryan is out sick so I put the Bat Signal up for our guy Ty to join the pod and he filled in admirably. We talk Zach Wilson struggles, The Vikings debacle, The Chiefs coming up big and a conspiracy theory on Aaron Rodgers. The ep is as hot as the microphones.

November 14, 2022

NFL Week 10: The Epic Week

Ryan and Zach are battling illness and logistic challenges to be with me on the pod this week. We talk about the game of the year between Minnesota and Buffalo. What it means for both teams and game storylines are discussed. The Packers rose from the dead, Are they back? The Colts and Jeff Saturday shut down some over the top criticism to get a win over a Raiders team that looks completely lost. We eliminate another team and a brand new power ranking unveiled.

Zach and Ryan join me on my crusade to getting back to the basics of our society. We break down the nonsense of bad school lunches and the elimination of caffeine drinks in the school store. We then tackle the midterms from a big picture perspective.  Does this result get us closer to gambling on sports in Minnesota? On to the College Football Playoff where we try to see the final 4 might go and Zach once again makes a plea for less teams not more. We finish with baseball talk and parenting advice from Zach.

The guys are back after a one week hiatus to hand out some mid term grades to all 32 teams. We also dive into the news of Frank Reich getting fired in Indy and what that does to the coaching landscape. We also eliminate two more teams and create a new power ranking. Enjoy.

October 27, 2022

Peak Cinema: Midsommar

Peak Cinema is back! Lauren is here with baby and all to break down her favorite movie of the last few years. It's certainly a weird one and it required a deep dive. We have some new categories to discuss and so much to dive into. We even get a new Tom Cain Fact of the Week

Back again to recap a crazy week in the league. We open with New England QB Drama. Matty Ice was put on Ice in Indy and we break down why. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers look lost at 3-4. Can they turn it around? All that and so much more this week on the pod!

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