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A wild week 1 in the NFL. We are back to break it all down. Well........most of us. Tech issues hold us back a bit but what heart shown by the host and his compadres for the most part. We plowed through it and we hope you do too. Enjoy.

September 14, 2021

Power 5 Pod: Ohio State, USC

Ryan joins me to talk Ohio State's tough weekend against Oregon. Who is to blame for the rocky start and can they recover? We then shift gears to talk USC and the firing of coach Clay Helton. We spend a chunk of time on this figuring out who makes sense as the next coach. Lots of possibilities out there and finally, we finish up by looking at some key matchups this week. Enjoy 

The first full week of college football is in the books and we had some fun games to talk about. Alabama looks like the class of the field for now. We shall see if anyone can catch them. (Ryan thinks so). Some good teams took some bad losses (LSU, WIS). Some dead teams are showing signs of life (FSU,UCLA) and having the stadiums back with crazy fans might be bad for a pandemic but great for watching football. All that plus Ryan is all done with ESPN and we preview the big games of week 2. Enjoy

September 4, 2021

Peak Cinema: Gladiator

Lauren and Ryan return to talk about an epic from 2000 "Gladiator" starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. This film feels like a product of a way different time in Hollywood. I personally long for a return to this one day. Lauren may or may not agree. So much going around this movie and behind the scenes that we needed an hour and forty minutes to fit it all. Enjoy

September 1, 2021

PGA Preview: Tour Championship

The Golf Pod returns after a three hiatus for travel and vacations and all sorts of stuff. Ty returns to talk about his golf game first then we jump into the local golf scene here in Minnesota and what we look for in a golf course. We then talk BMW and the fans behavior towards Bryson Dechambeau. Finally we preview the final tournament of the season. Enjoy

August 31, 2021

Power Football Pod

We are caught in a weird in-between week of college football starting and the NFL a week away but we had some things we felt pressing so up went the bat signal to Ryan and Zach to talk Ohio State/Minnesota. Scott Frost's troubles in Nebraska. The future of NIL's and the effect on certain programs etc. We then shift to the pros to talk about Cam Newton's ouster in New England, the Lions cutting both kickers and the Vikings issues in a number of places. Enjoy

August 25, 2021

Power 5 Pod: Week 1

The college football season is here and with that, I decided we needed a platform to talk college football as well as Pro. So today I debut Ryan, who knows way more about it then me in his element  of college football. We talk about realignment and alliances as well as preview the season via the preseason top 25 poll. Who's overrated? Who will surprise? Who needs a good year. We talk about it all. Enjoy.

August 24, 2021

Peak Cinema: Mallrats

We jump into the world of Kevin Smith with his 1995 Cult Classic "Mallrats" We say cult classic because it certainly wasn't a box office success rating as one of the worst movies of 1995. History has been a little kinder to this film and I must say I like it more than Lauren and Ryan but valid points were made as we go back and forth to examine the value of Jason Lee, Ben Affleck and examine the demise of Shannon Doherty and Jeremy London. The pod is all over the place, so is the movie, so are the opinions. That always makes for fun pod. Enjoy.

August 15, 2021

NFL : AFC Over/Unders

A tumultuous time in America to be sure so we need a distraction. Time to talk AFC Over/Unders for the 2021 Season. Are the Chiefs the odds on favorite to get back to the big game or will somebody new make a claim to the crown. Join Zach, Ryan and I for another spirited hour of prognostication. 

August 4, 2021

PGA Preview: WGC- Memphis

Ty is back in the USA and wants to chat golf with me. We start with the Olympics which left us happy for Xander but maybe a little lukewarm on everything else. We take a second to talk 3M Open since we missed it last week and broke down our scramble strategy for tomorrow's charity golf tournament. Plus picks for the WGC and a breakdown of next year's schedule. Enjoy

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