Tim Anderson Podcast
August 9, 2022

Golf Talk with Tim And Ty

Ty and I dig into all the latest with LIV vs PGA Tour. What's happening with Cam? We talk about our round at Troy Burne and my forgetful brain. I also wax poetic about my golfing experience in Colorado

August 2, 2022

NFL Round Up with Ryan

Coach Ryan joins the pod to talk about his new coaching promotion before getting into all the latest NFL news including the Dolphins tampering, The Desean Decision, DK, Deebo and finally some Kyler Murray video game break downs. Enjoy.

More looking at baseball cards for Zach and I. We look at some current stuff with the news of Juan Soto possibly getting dealt to the Padres. We examine the current baseball landscape and the let the cards take us from there.

July 27, 2022

GolfTalk with Ty

Ty and I gab about our golf games and new irons that have made the difference in our games. We also get excited for our next round together before breaking down Cam Smith's big win at St.Andrews. We then get back to the albatross that is LIV golf and what will possibly happen next. As always LIV makes us mad. Enjoy.

July 12, 2022

The Open Preview Show

Ty joins me after our brief hiatus to get back to talking about golf. We finally tackle all of the LIV golf tour stuff before breaking down this year's Open Championship from St Andrews. Can Tiger make the cut? Can Rory cement his legacy? Or will it be a first time major champion. All of those questions plus Ty relives the 2009 NFC Championship game and needed to work through his feelings.

Ryan and I reunite on the pod for the first time in a while and it feels so good. Ryan is in full scale Dad prep mode. We talk fireworks before getting into the the big shake up in college football and what it means for the sport and for college sports in general. It's a deep dive so enjoy

My guy Derek stops by to catch up on the latest family vacation before getting into more pressing matter like Wolves trading for Rudy Gobert. We go through the trade and examine the pros and cons. Derek then humors me as I get nostalgic with my latest binge of the WWF (WWE) classic Saturday Night's Main Event. With Derek, its always eclectic and eventful. Enjoy

July 2, 2022

Waxing over Wax

After a long break which we will probably talk more about later, the pod returns with Tim and his trusty pal Zach to try something new for our Youtube audience. (Subscribe to the Tim Anderson Podcast Channel) We open some old packs of baseball cards and let the pack dictate the conversation. A true grab bag of sorts.

Another major for us to dive into and there is a lot going on. The defending champion is not playing and there is a decent chance he has a bet on this tournament. Bryson practices and decides to withdraw. Tiger, Rory and Jordan in the same group! Oh My! All that plus an interesting looking golf course and we have one compelling golf tournament. Enjoy

Tyus is back to talk about our amazing experience at Sand Valle. An incredible place for die hard golfers that we strongly recommend. Elsewhere, John Rahm goes wire to wire. Tiger is ready to tee it up again and Saudi golf continues to be attractive to washed up golfers and not much else.

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